Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Parties are coming more popular amongst parents-to-be, it’s a perfect way to find out the gender of their baby before birth.  Parents go for an ultrasound but instead of the doctor / nurse telling them the baby is a boy / girl, they put this on a slip of paper, which is then put in an envelope and give to the parents-to-be.

A gender reveal party is a celebration thrown for parents, family and friends to find out the gender of the couple’s baby.  Find out the gender of a baby can be a very exciting time for the parents-to-be. 

The parents-to-be will decide on a creative way to reveal the sex of their unborn child to their family and friends.  People attending a gender reveal party typically are not expected to bring gifts for the parents-to-be or for their baby.

One way to do this is that the couple will give the envelope to a member of the family, or a friend they can trust.  They can then look in the envelope and place an order for a Latex Black Balloon, this is so no one can see threw the balloon.  This will have either Blue or Pink Confetti inside the balloon.  Tassels will be added to the balloon in pink & blue, this will be around the string so that the reveal remains a surprise, until it is popped!

The proud parents-to-be pop the balloon at the gender reveal party, to reveal the sex of their unborn child.  Expectant mothers normal wait until they know there are no complications, roughly around the 18-20 weeks is the best time to start planning your gender reveal party.

           Gender Reveal Parties can come in a few types, here are some below: –    


  • Gender Reveal Cakes or Cup/Pop Cakes,  
  • Gender Reveal Box ,                                                                     
  • Gender Reveal
  • Gender Reveal Pinata
  • Gender Reveal Balloon Pop
  •  Gender Reveal Party Poppers                                                                      
  •   Silly String Gender Reveal
  • Baby Clothes Gender Reveal


Gender Reveal Party. Congrats it's a Boy! Amy & DanXxx

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